5 reasons of ban in the poker room

Ban is an offensive thing and extremely unpleasant for any Internet user, including the visitor to the poker rooms.
Sometimes, a player’s bad faith and a desire to cheat, and sometimes a simple ignorance, which is not an excuse, is behind the actions that lead to blocking. So why poker rooms can punish a poker player?
1. Playing with multiple accounts
Large poker rooms often provide beginners with many nice bonuses. Therefore, dishonest players for the purpose of gaining multiple accounts. Another reason for multi-accountancy is the desire to increase the chances of winning prizes.
2. Play with a different account and for another person.
Some players do not create additional accounts, and play on behalf of another person. This again can be done because of the desire for additional benefits. Or in the country where the player lives, online poker is prohibited. Or maybe the poker player is not yet 18, and when registering, he entered the data of his adult relative.
3. Chip Dumping and Team Play
Teamwork is good. But if this is teamwork during a poker game, when your friend / brother / matchmaker or someone else plays with you, knowing your cards (or vice versa) is very bad. And it is punishable. Or you out of the goodness of your heart decided to lose a certain amount of money to your companion. This will also lead to bad consequences. This practice is used by fraudsters, losing money to their own account and thereby laundering money that has been dishonestly earned.
4. Insults in the chat
Already no news that in many social networks, the Internet user for insulting other participants expects a ban. There is a similar practice in poker rooms. No matter how strong the anger is to the opponent, first of all think about the consequences and refrain from abuse. The punishment for such a violation varies from disconnecting the player from the chat to confiscation of all funds in the player’s account. Do you need it? Most likely no. Also do not insult and support staff.
5. The use of prohibited programs
Before you install a poker program on your computer, make sure that it is not prohibited by one of the poker rooms. The most complete information is posted on the PokerStars website, which describes in detail what you can use, what you can not, and what can not be used with the PokerStars software.