Learn to read opponents in poker!

Tired of constantly losing? Want to finally feel the taste of victory? Then you need to acquire the skill of “reading” the hands of an opponent.
Of course, live to make it easier: you see his facial expressions, gestures and behavior. And what about online poker, where nothing is visible and these tips will not work?
In fact, something can be noticed. There are several rules that will help to read the combination in the hands of opponents.
– Rate amount
Experienced poker players do not want to betray themselves, because the size of the bet does not change, no matter how strong or weak their hands are.
But recreational players behave differently. The bigger the bet, the stronger the combination, and vice versa. This is one of the indicators that helps to read the hand of the opponent.
But sometimes they cunningly pro. Their multipass circuits are longer and harder to read. So here you need to be careful and cautious.
– Speed ​​decisions
This is a very important indicator. But you need to use it for reading wisely. If you interpret this information incorrectly, you can read the opposite.
For example, if a player makes decisions slowly, with a big raise, this does not mean that he is bluffing. Usually, this method is resorted to by those players who want to hide the power of their cards. In order to correctly guess the strength of the hands, you need to refer to the statistics of the player. Without statistics anywhere!
If a player goes into an automatic raise after any bet (a raise with a bet / raise all mark), then his hand is strong. This is usually experienced players who play at multiple tables. So if you see such a player, and your hand is weak, then immediately go into the pass.
– Chat
Experienced players are usually not up to the chat. They play on several tables at once, what other chat! But when playing live, many pros love to chat to find out the strength of their rivals’ hands. For example, such “talkers” are famous poker players Mike Matusow and Daniel Negreanu.
If we talk about online poker, then the chat will help you reveal the cards. And this can be done in just a few phrases. If the “silent”, suddenly began to chat, for example, like this: “I am bluffing” or “Okay, let’s see what you have there,” then his hand is strong. But the one who is bluffing, on the contrary, will try to appear calm and balanced in the chat.