Want to play tournament poker? What you need to know?

Want to learn how to play poker, but do not know what discipline to choose? Participation in tournaments is constantly growing stakes, maximum adrenaline and gambling battles, in which the winner really wins a lot.
– What are poker tournaments?
In short, any poker tournament can be described as follows. All participants (it can be tens, hundreds or thousands of people) take places at the gaming tables. During the game, the number of tables along with the number of players is gradually reduced. To give the game a dynamic, the minimum required bets (blinds) are constantly increasing. And the players are regularly transplanted to the new tables.
Such a description is usually available in the lobby both before and during the tournament. Before the start of the tournament everyone gets the same amount of chips. The game continues until one player has collected all the chips. Winnings are received by players who have taken a place in a pre-agreed prize zone.
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– Who will play in tournaments?
Multi-table tournaments may equally be interesting to both beginners and professionals. But, naturally, both of them set completely different tasks for themselves. For novice players, this is a good opportunity to learn the game and not to get bored. The tournaments are a very dynamic form of poker. For the more experienced guys, this is primarily a chance to hit the jackpot – to win the tournament and win the maximum prizes.
– You’ll love tournaments if:
Want to fight for the chance to win a lot at once. Depending on the tournament, prizes receive up to 30 percent of the participants. So to get into the money is not so difficult. But with a successful game, you can win as much as a good cash game does not work in a few months.
Love adrenaline. In tournaments minimum bets (blinds) are constantly increasing. Plus, at a certain stage, forced rates (ante) appear. All in order to give the game a dynamic – you tournaments more often than in the cache go all-in. And quietly sit out does not go – the blinds eat the stack.
You love the long game. Tournaments start at a specific time and can take several hours (and sometimes days).